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Publications : Dezeen / Wearable / PSFK
Exhibitions : Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2017, Imperial College Graduate Show 2017, Global Grad Show Dubai 2017, KIKK Festival 2018 (upcoming)

If your eyes can enjoy a visual show while your ears appreciate live music, how would your skin react to a tactile composition? Touché brings to life a unique experience, expanding the music to your skin through the interpretation of a haptic performer.
Touché is not about translating audio frequencies into physical vibrations - instead it offers a creative tool for perfomers and listeners to artistically eplore the long-neglected sense of touch.
A family of pads can be mapped in any combination, creating a network of pulsations on your body. The performer will compose, alongside the musician and the visual artist, to create an immersive synaesthetic conert, sending vibration loops and temperature melodies down your spine.

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